AU Bulletin

The Auburn University Bulletin contains all of the academic policies related to grades, academic curricula,progress toward degree, and special academic opportunities and programs.

  Auburn Bulletin

Student Policy eHandbook

The official handbook of Auburn University. Official policies can also be found in the AU Bulletin.

  Student Policy eHandbook

Academic Honesty

Auburn University views academic honesty as critical to academic integrity and an important part of the educational process. In order for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform in their career fields upon graduation from Auburn University, it is important that each student complete his or her own work.

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AU eValuate

AU eValuate is a web-based software application that allow students to anonymously evaluate courses and instructors online, replacing the traditional paper bubble sheet end-of-semester evaluations – starting Fall 2011.

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Core Curriculum

Auburn University is committed to providing every student with a unique academic experience that prepares them for success. In doing so, we have created a Core Curriculum that promotes the development of essential skills including effective communication, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, aesthetic appreciation, information literacy, scientific theory, informed citizenship, and global awareness. The Core Curriculum also provides students with opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and experiences that foster intellectual curiosity and provides the basis for advanced study in the variety of fields offered by today’s colleges and universities.

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Emergency Preparedness

The Auburn University Department of Public Safety & Security has primary responsibility for emergency management on campus. The safety of every member of the university community is of utmost importance to us. Other information and resources, including policies and procedures, emergency preparedness information, weather and campus violence resources, can be found on their site.

  Emergency Management Website
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