GPA Explanations


GPA Calculation

Auburn University uses a 4.0 grade scale. The tiger i student information system provides the official grade point average for Auburn students. Students are therefore encouraged to obtain official GPAs from tiger i at The following grades and the quality hours associated with them are used for determining the grade point average.

  • A (superior) equals 4.0
  • B (good) equals 3.0
  • C (acceptable) equals 2.0
  • D (passing) equals 1.0 (D is failing for graduate students)
  • F (failure) equals 0.0
  • FA (failure/absences) equals 0.0
  • WF (withdrawn failing) equals 0.0


Only course work attempted at Auburn University is used in determining the grade point average. The following Auburn grades do not enter into grade point average computations.

  • S (satisfactory)
  • U (unsatisfactory)
  • AU (audit)
  • IN (incomplete)
  • NG (not graded)
  • NN (not graded)
  • NR (no grade reported)
  • TD (thesis/dissertation)
  • W (withdrawn passing)
  • WD (withdrawn after 15th class day but before midterm)
  • XD (not in GPA per Grade Adjustment Policy)
  • XF (not in GPA per Grade Adjustment Policy)
  • XFA (not in GPA per Grade Adjustment Policy)
  • XWF (not in GPA per Grade Adjustment Policy)
  • XU (not in GPA per Grade Adjustment Policy)
    +/- Auburn University does not recognize pluses or minuses in the official university grade point average


All regularly admitted undergraduate students who were enrolled during Fall 2000 or after may delete a maximum of three course grades of D or F (including FA or U) associated with their undergraduate degree program from the computation of their cumulative grade point average. Deletion of grades from the computation of the cumulative grade point average is not available to graduate students or professional students in pharmacy and veterinary medicine. Grades and credit considered as transfer credit, courses earned in a previously awarded baccalaureate degree, or grades that have been assigned as a result of academic misconduct are excluded from this policy.

Last modified: July 20, 2017