2014-2015 Meeting Agendas and Materials

September 11, 2014
ANSC 3410Animal Metabolism and Nutrition
ANSC 3420Applied Animal Feeding and Nutrition
ANSCBS in Animal Sciences
MEMOBS in Business Administration
KINE 2250Motor Development Across the Lifespan
KINE 2251Motor Development Across the Lifespan Laboratory
KINE 2253Motor Development Across the Lifespan
KINE 3030Introduction to Personal Training
KINE 3031Introduction to Personal Training - Lab
KINE 3620Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement
KINE 3830Theory and Practice of Sports Officiating
KINE 4780Exercise Science Research
KINE 5350Assessment in Physical Education
KINE 5353Assessment in Physical Education
KINE 5500Exercise Technology I: Principles of Exercise Testing and Interpretation
KINE 5501Exercise Technology I: Principles of Exercise Testing and Interpretation (Laboratory)
PHED 2200Self Defense for Women
TBD-MINORMinor in Adult Education
MEMOMinor in Leadership Studies


MEMORecommendation of Library Ex-Officio Member
October 9, 2014
ANSC 3410Animal Metabolism and Nutrition
ANSC 3420Applied Animal Feeding and Nutrition
HORT 2250Art of Floral Design
ANSCBS in Animal Sciences
ADEDMinor in Adult Education
BIOL 3200General Microbiology
BIOL 3500Perspectives in Immunology
BIOL 4100Cell Biology
BIOL 4980Undergraduate Research
BIOL 5500Immunology
BIOL 5501Immunology, Laboratory
MATH 1133Precalculus: Trigonometry
MATH 1153Precalculus: Algebra and Trigonometry
November 20, 2014
College of Agriculture
AGRN 5023Nutrient ManagementAdded
AGRN 5030Advanced Crop ScienceEdited
AGRN 5500Forage Production and UtilizationEdited
AGRN 5503Forage Production and UtilizatonAdded
ENVI-BSBS Environmental ScienceEdited
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business
AVMF 4400Applied Aerodynamics and Propulsion SystemsEdited
AVMG 3050Severe and Hazardous Weather DisruptionsEdited
AVMG 3140Performance Evaluation and MeasurementEdited
AVMG 3200Applied Analysis in TransportationEdited
AVMG 4060Transportation Safety ManagementEdited
AVMG 4130Airport ManagementEdited
AVMG 4190Air Space ManagementEdited
AVMG 4810Professional Development in AviationEdited
AVMG 5090Aviation Law and PolicyEdited
AVMG 5180Global Air Transportation ManagementEdited
College of Education
CTMU 1010Introduction to Music EducationEdited
CTRD 5003Language and Literacy in the Content AreasEdited
CTSE 5100Curriculum and Teaching II: ScienceEdited
KINE 3113Paralympic SportAdded
KINE 4630Strength and Conditioning PreparationEdited
KINE 4633Strength and Conditioning PreparationEdited
KINE 4690Corrective Exercise Specialist PreparationEdited
KINE 4693Corrective Exercise Specialist PreparationEdited
KINE 4930Clinical InternshipAdded
KINE 4933Clinical InternshipAdded
KINE 4940Non-Clinical InternshipAdded
KINE 4943Non-Clinical InternshipAdded
KINE 5550Exercise Technology II: Applied Exercise Testing and InterpretationEdited
KINE 5551Exercise Technology II: Applied Exercise Testing and Interpretation LaboratoryAdded
PHED 2100Wheelchair Sports for EveryoneAdded
RSED 3110Assessment: Eligibility for Special EducationEdited
RSED 4140Assessment: Program Planning in Special EducationAdded
RSED 4920Clinical ResidencyEdited
RSED 5150Elementary Teaching Methods in Special EducationEdited
RSED 5160Framework for Collaboration in K-12Edited
RSED 5170Transition from Birth to AdulthoodEdited
RSED 5190Community-based Instruction and Related ServicesAdded
CCHB-BSBS Chemistry EducationEdited
RSCB-BSBS Collaborative Teacher Special EducationEdited
RSEB-BSBS Early Childhood/Elementary Special EducationEdited
CEGB-BSBS English Language Arts EducationEdited
HESB-BSBS Exercise ScienceEdited
CFRB-BSBS Foreign Language Education- FrenchEdited
CGRB-BSBS Foreign Language Education- GermanEdited
CSNB-BSBS Foreign Language Education- SpanishEdited
CSIB-BSBS General Science EducationEdited
CSTB-BSBS General Social Science EducationEdited
CMAB-BSBS Mathematics EducationEdited
CMCB-CMCBBMEd Music Education - Instrumental and VocalEdited
PAHB-BSBS Physical Activity and HealthEdited
FCPB-BSBS Physical Activity and Health - Fitness, Conditioning, and PerformanceEdited
CPHB-BSBS Physics EducationEdited
College of Liberal Arts
POLI 3080Model United NationsAdded
PSYC 3700Behavioral Game TheoryAdded
PSYC 5620Drugs, Brain, and BehaviorEdited
SOWO 3910Field Practicum SeminarEdited
College of Sciences and Mathematics[gap height="10"]
GEOL 4920InternshipAdded
MATH 1620Calculus IIEdited
MATH 1627Honors Calculus IIEdited
MATH 1720Calculus for Engineering and Science IIEdited
MATH 2630Calculus IIIEdited
MATH 2637Honors Calculus IIIEdited
MATH 2650Linear Differential EquationsEdited
January 15, 2015
College of Agriculture
FDSC 5430Food ChemistryEdited
College of Education
RSCB-BSBS in Collaborative Teacher Special EducationEdited
RSEB-BSBS in Early Childhood/Elementary Special EducationEdited
KINESchool of Kinesiology, Various ProgramsEdited
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
INSY 3010Programming and Database Applications for ISEAdded
INSY 3021Methods Engineering and Work MeasurementEdited
INSY-BISEBachelor of Industrial and Systems EngineeringEdited
College of Human Sciences
CADS 3853Merchandise Planning and ControlAdded
HDFS 2013Lifespan DevelopmentAdded
HDFS 3013Child Development in the FamilyAdded
HDFS 3090Techniques of Interviewing in Professional SettingsEdited
HDFS 4503Hospitalized Child and Their FamiliesAdded
HDFS 4520Dying, Death and BereavementAdded
College of Liberal Arts
ANTH 1003Introduction to AnthropologyAdded
CMJN 2103Concepts in Communication and JournalismAdded
ECON 2033Principles of MacroeconomicsAdded
FLCN 3020Chinese Composition and Conversation IIAdded
FLGC 1153Global Fluency and AwarenessAdded
HIST 1013World History I Distance EdAdded
MUSI 2743Survey of Popular MusicAdded
JRNL 4230Advanced ReportingEdited
JRNL 4470Advanced Magazine and Feature WritingEdited
JRNL 4920Journalism InternshipEdited
PHIL 1023Introduction to Ethics (DE)Added
PHIL 1103Introduction to PhilosophyAdded
POLI 3080Model United NationsAdded
PSYC 2013Introduction to Psychology (DE)Added
THEA 2013Introduction to Theatre for Non-MajorsAdded
ARTH-BABA in Art HistoryEdited
SOCY-BABA in SociologyEdited
College of Sciences and Mathematics
GEOG 3000Sports GeographyAdded
GEOL 5220GeomorphologyEdited
GEOL 5500Petroleum GeologyAdded
MATH 1003College AlgebraEdited
MATH 1100Finite Math and ApplicationsEdited
MATH 1120Pre-Calculus AlgebraEdited
MATH 1123Pre-Calculus algebraEdited
MATH 1130Pre-Calculus TrigonometryEdited
MATH 1133Precalculus: TrigonometryEdited
MATH 1150Pre-Calculus Algebra and TrigonometryEdited
MATH 1153Precalculus: Algebra and TrigonometryEdited
MATH 1610Calculus IEdited
MATH 1613Calculus IAdded
MATH 1623Calculus IIAdded
MATH 1680Calculus with Business Applications IEdited
MATH 1683Calculus with Business Application IEdited
MATH 1710Calculus for Engineering and Science IEdited
MATH 2730Calculus for Engineering and Science IIIEdited
MATH 4110Advanced LogicAdded
MATH 5460Perturbation Methods IAdded
MATHMathematics, Various CoursesEdited
Office of the Provost
GEOLBS in Geology - Earth System OptionEdited
HONRHonors College CurriculumEdited
IDSC-BSBS in Interdisciplinary StudiesEdited
February 19, 2015
College of Agriculture
PLPA 1000Introduction to Applied BiotechnologyAdded
TBD-BSBS in Food ScienceAdded
College of Architecture, Design, and Construction
GDES 3260Kinetic TypographyAdded
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business
ISMN 3080Advanced Programming and Computer ApplicationsEdited
ISMN 3830Database Management SystemsEdited
ISMN 3840Analysis of Business SystemsEdited
ISMN 4090Digital Business DesignEdited
MKTG-BSBSBA in MarketingEdited
College of Education
CTCT 2200Computer Literacy in Business EducationEdited
CTCT 2203Computer Literacy in Business EducationEdited
CTCT 5200Records Management SystemsAdded
CTCT 5203Records Management SystemsAdded
CTCT 5240Multimedia DesignAdded
CTCT 5243Multimedia DesignAdded
CTCT 5250Information Design & AnalysisAdded
CTCT 5253Information Design & AnalysisAdded
CTCT 5260Applied Computer TechnologyAdded
CTCT 5263Applied Computer TechnologyAdded
CTCT 5940Work Experience in Information TechnologyAdded
FOUN 3000Diversity of Learners and SettingsEdited
FOUN 3120Adolescent Development, Learning, Motivation and Assessment IIEdited
KINE 3010Instruction and Technology in KinesiologyEdited
CBMB-BSBS in Business and Marketing EducationEdited
HPNB-BSBS in Physical Education - Teacher EducationEdited
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
AERO 5410AeroacousticsAdded
AERO 5460Perturbation MethodsAdded
FOEN-BBSEBachelor of Biosystems Engineering - Forest Engineering OptionEdited
ELEC-BEEBachelor of Electrical EngineeringEdited
ECPE-BEEBachelor of Electrical Engineering - Computer Engineering OptionEdited
PFENP, PFENFDepartment of Polymer and Fiber Engineering, ProgramsEdited
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
FORY 5543Environmental LawAdded
WILD 3750Analysis for Wildlife SciencesEdited
WLPV-BSBS in Wildlfe Ecology and Management - Pre-Veterinary MedicineEdited
College of Human Sciences
HUSM-MINORMinor in Hunger StudiesEdited
College of Liberal Arts
ARTS 1513Looking At ArtAdded
ECON 2023Principles of MicroeconomicsAdded
ENGL 2203World Literature Before 1600Added
ENGL 2213World LIterature after 1600Added
ENGL 3710Survey of African American Literature Before 1900Edited
ENGL 3720Survey of African American Literature After 1900Added
PHIL 4110Advanced LogicEdited
THEA 3190Singing PracticumEdited
THEA 3950Directing SeminarEdited
THLA-BABA in TheatreEdited
DANM-MINORMinor in DanceEdited
College of Sciences and Mathematics
PHYSPhysics CoursesEdited
March 19, 2015
College of Agriculture
AGRN 5033Advanced Crop ScienceAdded
ANSC 5700Microbiology of Meats and other FoodsAdded
ENTM 3100Applied Biotechnology IAdded
ENTM 5120Medical-Veterinary EntomologyAdded
POPV-BSBS in Poultry Science - Pre-Veterinary Medicine OptionEdited
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business
FINC 3010Professional Development in FinanceAdded
MKTG 3010Professional Development in MarketingAdded
MNGT 3010Professional Development in ManagementEdited
College of Education
KINE 3013Instruction and Technology in KinesiologyAdded
KINE 4980Undergraduate ResearchAdded
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
FORY 3010Forest SoilsEdited
FORY 3020Forest BiologyEdited
FORY 3050Field MensurationEdited
FORY 3060Introduction to Forest Management StrategiesEdited
FORY 4980Senior Capstone ProjectEdited
FORY 5240Watershed ManagementEdited
FORY 5553Property LawAdded
FOWS 2010Environmental InterpretationEdited
FOWS 3950Undergraduate seminarAdded
WILD 4880Wildlife Habitat Assessment and ManagementAdded
WILD 4890Wildlife Population ScienceAdded
FORB-BSBS in ForestryEdited
NATR-BSBS in Natural Resources ManagementEdited
WLDE-BSBS in Wildlife Ecology and ManagementEdited
College of Human Sciences
NTRI 5560Nutrition and Food Service ManagementEdited
NTDI-BSBS Nutrition and Dietetics OptionEdited
College of Liberal Arts
ARTS 1250Orientation To Studio Art For The MajorAdded
ARTS 3660Eighteenth-Century Art in EuropeAdded
ARTS 3670Constructing Race in the Visual ArtsAdded
ARTS 4100Seminar in Pre-Modern Art HistoryAdded
ARTS 4150Seminar in Modern and Contemporary Art HistoryAdded
ARTS 4850Professional Studio PracticesEdited
ARTS 4950BA Studio Art CapstoneAdded
CMJN 3110Sports Media RelationsAdded
CMJN 3210News and Sports AnnouncingAdded
FLSP 5030Advanced Culture and Literature of the Spanish Speaking WorldAdded
HADM 3800Health Care AnalyticsAdded
HIST 2013United States History to 1877 Distance CourseAdded
MDIA 4343Media and FamilyAdded
MUSI 2030Piano Skills for Music TheatreAdded
MUSI 2210Music Fundamentals for Music TheatreAdded
MUSI 3220Contemporary Music Analysis TechniquesAdded
MUSI 4280American Art MusicEdited
MUSI 4350Jazz HistoryAdded
PRCM 2400Foundations of Public RelationsAdded
PRCM 2403Foundations of Public RelationsAdded
PRCM 2500Public Relations Case StudiesAdded
PRCM 2503Public Relations Case StudiesAdded
PRCM 3000Multimedia Writing for Public RelationsAdded
PRCM 4400Public Relations ResearchAdded
PRCM 4500Public Relations CampaignsAdded
ATLA-BABA in ArtEdited
ARTF-BFABFA in Art - Studio/Fine ArtsEdited
PRCM-BABA in Public Relations CommunicationEdited
TBD-MINORMinor in Philosophy and ReligionAdded
School of Nursing
NURS 3110Theoretical Concepts of Professional Nursing PracticeEdited
NURS 3210Clinical PharmacologyEdited
NURS 3230Professional Nursing Concepts: Acute Care Across the LifespanEdited
NURS 3730Prof. Nurs. Concepts: Mental Health Across the LifespanAdded
NURS 3731Prof. Nurs. Concepts: Mental Health Across the Lifespan ClinicalAdded
NURS 4230Professional Nursing Concepts: Chronic and Complex ConditionsEdited
NURS 4930Community Assessment ProjectAdded
College of Sciences and Mathematics
GEOL 1107Honors Dynamic EarthAdded
GEOL 1108Honors Dynamic Earth LaboratoryAdded
GEOL 1117Honors Earth and Life Through TimeAdded
GEOL 1118Honors Earth and Life Through Time LaboratoryAdded

ITEMS FOR ELECTRONIC REVIEW AND APPROVAL: UCC members should review these items, and return their electronic ballot to the Coordinator for Curriculum Management.

College of Agriculture
HORT 5120Small Fruit and Pecan CultureEdited
HORT 5150Retail Garden Center ManagementEdited
CSESDepartment of Crop, Soil, and Environmental SciencesEdited
College of Architecture, Design, and Construction
BSCI 2200Construction CommunicationEdited
BSCI 4850Construction Law and Risk ManagementEdited
GDES 3910Graphic Design Internship PracticumAdded
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business
ACCT 3510Accounting Information SystemsEdited
FINC-BSBS in FinanceEdited
MKTG-BSBSBA in MarketingEdited
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
WILD 3280Principles of Wildlife ManagementEdited
WILD 4400Problem Solving in Wildlife SciencesEdited
WILD 5280Avian Ecology and ManagementEdited
WILD 5290Mammalian Ecology and ManagementEdited
College of Human Sciences
NTRI 4090Professional Issues in Dietetics and NutritionEdited
NTRI 5020Medical Nutrition IEdited
NTRI 5030Medical Nutrition IIEdited
NTRI 5760Nutrition CounselingEdited
NTRI 5910Clinical Practicum in DieteticsEdited
APDP-BSBS in Apparel Merch., Design, and Prod. Mngt (Production Management)Edited
APME-BSBS Apparel Merch., Design, and Prod. Mngt (Apparel Merchandising)Edited
HRMT-BSBS in Hotel and Restaurant ManagementEdited
NSPM-BSBS in Nutrition Science OptionEdited
NTWE-BSBS in Nutrition - Wellness OptionEdited
College of Liberal Arts
ARTS 2210Introduction to PhotographyEdited
ARTS 2310Painting IEdited
ARTS 2410Printmaking: ReliefEdited
ARTS 2510Introduction to SculptureEdited
ARTS 2610Introduction to Digital ArtEdited
ARTS 2810Ceramics IEdited
ARTS 3150Advanced Drawing IIEdited
ARTS 3330Painting IIIEdited
ARTS 3420Printmaking: IntaglioEdited
ARTS 3740Seventeenth-Century Art in EuropeEdited
ARTS 3820Ceramics IIEdited
ARTS 4240Advanced PhotographyEdited
ARTS 4340Painting IVEdited
ARTS 4440Advanced PrintmakingEdited
ARTS 4540Advanced SculptureEdited
ARTS 4840Ceramics IVEdited
ARTS 4980Senior Project for Studio ArtsEdited
ECON 2023Principles of MicroeconomicsAdded
HADM 3300Health Care PolicyEdited
HADM 4000Developing Care OrganizationsEdited
HADM 4200Health Care Insurance and ReimbursementEdited
HADM 4800Health Administration and RegulationEdited
HADM 4810Change in Health AdministrationEdited
HADM 4820Long-Term Care AdministrationEdited
HADM 4830Comparative Health Care SystemsEdited
HADM 4850Long-Term Care PolicyEdited
HADM 4880Health Information TechnologyEdited
HADM 4920InternshipEdited
HADM 4930Directed StudiesEdited
HADM 4950Capstone SeminarEdited
HADM 4970Special TopicsEdited
POLI 5540Issues in Political TheoryEdited
PRCM 3080International Public RelationsEdited
PRCM 3090Public Relations in Political ProcessesEdited
PRCM 3260Strategic Communication in Public RelationsEdited
PRCM 3270Public Relations in the Not-for-Profit ArenaEdited
PRCM 3280Social Media and Public RelationsEdited
PRCM 4020Digital Style and Design in Public Relations MessagesEdited
THEA 4950Theatre Literature and Theory SeminarEdited
THEA-BFABFA in Theatre - Music Theatre OptionEdited
College of Sciences and Mathematics
BIOL 3033Evolution and SystematicsAdded
April 16, 2015
College of Agriculture
PLPA 4100Applied Biotechnology IIAdded
College of Education
CTCT 5060Program Planning in Area of SpecializationEdited
KINE 3443Complementary Therapies and Integrative HealthAdded
KINE 3453Acupuncture, Acupressure and ExerciseAdded
KINE 4133Neurobiology of PlayAdded
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
WILD 5410Human-Wildlife ConflictsEdited
May 21, 2015
College of Agriculture
FISH 3000Agricultural GeneticsAdded
PLPA 4100Applied Biotechnology IIAdded
PLPA 5600Physiology of Plant Health and DiseaseAdded
TBD-BSBS in Applied BiotechnologyAdded
College of Education
FOUN 3113Adolescent Development, Learning, Motivation and Assessment IEdited
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
CHEN 3653Chemical Engineering AnalysisAdded
School of Nursing
NURS-BSBS in NursingEdited
College of Sciences and Mathematics
CHEM 5180Biochemistry IEdited
June 11, 2015
College of Agriculture
FDSC 4970Special Topics 
College of Education
KINE 4133The Neurobiology of Play 
CECB-BSBS in Early Childhood Education 
College of Liberal Arts
PRCM 3043Foundations of Public Relations 
School of Nursing
NURS 3123Nursing Pathophysiology 
College of Sciences and Mathematics
BIOL 5110Parasitology 
BIOL 4950Senior Seminar 
August 20, 2015
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business
ACCT-BSBS in Accounting
BSAD-BSBS in Business Administration
AVMG-BSBS in Business Administration and Management - Aviation Management Option
AVMF-BSBS Business Administration and Management - Aviation Professional Flight Option
ENFB-BSBS in Business Administration and Management - Entrepreneurship
and Family Business Option
ISMN-BSBS in Business Administration and Management - Information Systems Management Option
MNGT-BSBS in Business Administration and Management - Management Option
BUAL-BSBS in Business Analytics
FINC-BSBS in Finance
HRMN-BSBS in Human Resources Management
IBUS-BSBS in International Business
SCMN-BSBS in Supply Chain Management
MKTG-BSBSBA in Marketing
College of Education
FOUN 3100Child Development, Learning, Motivation and Assessment 
FOUN 3103Child Development, Learning, Motivation and Assessment 
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
ELEC 5740Electronics Manufacturing 
College of Liberal Arts
HIST 1000Auburn in the World: Industry and Society 
TBD MINORMinor in German Linguistics 
MCP, CPLNMaster of Community Planning, CPLN Courses 
College of Sciences and Mathematics
BIOL 5600Mammalian Physiology (Biomedical Physiology) 
CHEM 5310Learning Assistant Pedagogy