Justification for Graduate Credit (for Graduate Courses Only)

Edited: July 15, 2016, to reflect inclusion of 9000-level courses.

Provide justification for graduate credit for courses numbered 6000-9999.  Graduate courses should be progressively more advanced in academic content than undergraduate courses (SACS Standard 3.6.1).  The relationship of the proposed course to the curriculum should also be clearly articulated.  The curriculum should be structured (1) to include knowledge of the literature of the discipline and (2) to ensure ongoing student engagement in research and/or professional practice and training experiences (SACS Standard 3.6.2).  Further, the guidelines presented in the Statement of Clarification and Definition and Use of 6000-Level Courses as approved by the Graduate Council on May 21, 1997 apply.[gap height=”10″]
Justifications that show the relationship of the course to the curriculum and link student learning outcomes to the rationale for the level of the course are more persuasive than mere descriptions of the course content.[gap height=”10″]
Criteria the Curriculum Committee will consider when evaluating a proposed course for graduate credit include but are not limited to the following:

    1. The relationship of the course to the curriculum is clearly articulated.
    2. The course content is progressively more advanced than undergraduate courses and appropriate to the level of the course; for example:
      • 6000: courses primarily taught in conjunction with undergraduate courses;
      • 7000: courses primarily for master’s students;
      • 8000: courses primarily for doctoral students.
    3. The course content, the student learning objectives, and the assignments/projects are all intellectually challenging and sufficiently rigorous to warrant graduate credit.
    4. Pre-requisites clearly indicate what background or level of preparation is needed for admission into the course.
    5. The course does not duplicate other course offerings in the department or in other units on campus.
    6. The policy on Piggyback courses requires that any 6000-level course have a 5000-level Piggyback course.  Please refer to the Guidelines for Submission of a 5000/6000 (Piggyback) Syllabus approved by the Graduate Council on February 13, 2008.

For answers to questions about the UCC, call (4-4974) or e-mail Kevin Snyder.