Course Numbering System for Semesters

Four Digits
1st Digit – This digit would be used to designate the course level. IE:
1XXX = indicates courses primarily for freshmen
2XXX = indicates courses primarily for sophomores
3XXX = indicates courses primarily for juniors
4XXX = indicates courses primarily for seniors and NOT available for graduate students
5XXX = (1) indicates courses for professional students in Architecture; and (2) undergraduate courses taught in conjunction with graduate courses.
6XXX = graduate courses taught in conjunction with parallel undergraduate course
7XXX = graduate courses primarily for master’s-level students
8XXX = graduate courses primarily for doctoral-level students
9XXX = indicates courses for professional programs (e.g.: Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine)
2nd and 3rd Digits – These digits generally are available for departments, schools and colleges to assign to courses. However, the following range of numbers will be assigned by the Office of the Registrar for common University courses. IE:
X90X = Directed Studies; S/U credit only
X91X = Practicum
X92X = Internship
X93X = Number not assigned; may be used if departments need two types of Directed Studies or Special Problems or internships.
X94X = Number not assigned to a Standard Definition
X95X = Seminar; used for undergraduate and graduate seminars
At the graduate level, this number is also reserved for the experience in which graduate students present the outcomes of their thesis work. S/U grading is required by the Graduate School when the seminar is for this purpose.
X96X = Special Problems; Note that Special Problems replaces the term “Readings”
X97X = Special Topics
X98X = Undergraduate Research or Non-Thesis Research Project
X99X = Research, Thesis, Dissertation
NOTE: Particular titles for individual sections can be specified and will appear on students’ transcripts. Examples:
MATH 6960 01 Special Problems in Non-Standard Analysis
MATH 6970 02 Special Topics: Constructive Mathematics
ENGL 7950 04 Seminar in the Early Novel
ENGL 7950 05 Seminar in 20th Century Biography
4th Digit – This digit is reserved for use by the Office of the Provost:
XXX0 = Base Courses
XXX1 = Lab Supplement for Base Courses (must have corresponding XXX0 numbered course)
XXX2 = Problem/Recitation Course
XXX3 = Graded “Asynchronous” Distance Education Course (Undergraduate) (See the Bulletin for policy.)
XXX4 = Extended “Asynchronous” Distance Education (Undergraduate) (See the Bulletin for policy.)
XXX5 = Off-campus consortial courses for Auburn Credit/Grade
XXX6 = Graded “Asynchronous” Distance Education Course (Graduate)
XXX7 = Honors Course
XXX8 = Honors Lab Course
XXX9 = Reserved for the Office of the Provost.

For more information: Additional Guidelines for Courses Numbered X9XX

For answers to questions about the UCC, call (4-4974) or e-mail Kevin Snyder.