Special Lectures


The purpose of the Special Lectures Program is to augment the instructional programs of the University by supporting speakers of distinctive scholarship and accomplishment who would have wide appeal to students, faculty and staff. Funds for the Special Lectures Program are provided as part of the University budget. Because these funds are limited, only rarely will a proposed lecture program be granted more than $1,200.

Programs supported in whole or part by the Special Lectures Fund are required to ensure that the program is advertised through all appropriate university and community channels and that the Special Lectures Fund is acknowledged in all promotional materials. A statement such as this is acceptable: "with support from the Auburn University Special Lectures Fund." Sponsors should ensure adequate advance publicity. For information on promotion and media outlets, please contact Paula Clark.

Special Lectures Program funding comes with the understanding that the sponsor(s) assume full responsibility for making arrangements for the lecturer and the event (travel, lodging, space reservation, etc.) and for preparing contracts and vouchers through their departmental offices and in accordance with A.U. Financial Policies and Procedures Manual (pages 55318-19). Successful applicants will receive an account number at the time of notification of funding.

Sponsors receiving Special Lectures funding must provide a brief summary report within 30 days of the lecture/program. It should describe principal activities; tabulate the attendance of students, faculty, and others; and include samples of print/media promotion, as well as financial documentation of expenses paid with the Special Lectures FOP.

Applications may be submitted at any time, but they will not be reviewed between semesters.


Special Lectures Application                                     Guidelines and Procedures

Committee Members


Constance Relihan, Chair
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies


Chetan Sankar

Aviation and Supply Chain Management

Kerri Munoz

Foreign Languages

Judith Sheppard

Communications and Journalism

Program Representatives

Paul Patterson

York Lectureship Series

George Crandell

New Horizons/Graduate Council Series

Mike Rapay


Allen Sutton

Multicultural Center

Gerard Elfstrom

Littleton-Franklin Lecture Series

Jennifer Kerpelman

Research Week

Valerie Bagley

Common Book Program

Donna Sollie

Women’s Resource Center

Undergraduate Student Representatives

Graduate Student Representative

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