General Education Committee (CCGEC)

2017-2018 Members

Constance Relihan, Chair
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Megan Rodgers Good,
Director of Academic Assessment

Mark DeGoti
Fine Arts, Music, CLA


William Malczycki
History, CLA


Ulrich Albercht
Mathematics, COSAM


Toni Carter


Benson Akingbemi
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology, College of Vet Med.


Angela Calderon
School of Pharmacy


Robert Norton
College of Agriculture


Cliff Defee
College of Business


Stuart Wentworth
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering


Timothy Sundell
Philosophy, CLA


Alejandro Lazarte
Social Sciences, Political Science, CLA


Ann Beth Presley
College of Human Sciences


Annette Kluck
SERC, College of Education


Karol Renfroe
School of Nursing


Jeremy Downes
Comp. or Lit.; English, CLA


Robert Gitzen
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences


John Pittari
College of Architecture, Design, and Construction


Chuck Savrda 
Natural Sciences, Geological Sciences, COSAM