Frequently Asked Questions about The Revised Core Curriculum

Which Bulletin do incoming Freshmen follow?

Freshmen entering Auburn in Fall 2017 must follow the 2017-18 Bulletin.

How will we know what classes will provide for SLO 7 (Oral Communication)?

Each college/school maintains that information with its advisors. If SLO 7: Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills if is not met by COMM 1000, then it will be met by a REQUIRED course for each major.

How does the new core curriculum apply to transfer students?

All students who started College (wherever) before Fall 2011 are under the old core. They may opt into the new core during their first semester at AU.

Will DegreeWorks help students see what SLOs they have completed?

Yes, there will be coding in DegreeWorks to indicate what general education student learning outcomes students have taken. See the DegreeWorks website for more infomration about the DegreeWorks advising tool and degree audit system.

If a student makes a 4 or better on the AP History test, which student learning outcomes are considered to have been addressed?
If the AP credit is in European History, are judged to have taken a Core Curriculum course addressing the student learning outcomes for engaged citizenship and cultural diversity (SLO8 and SLO9).
If the AP credit is in American History, students are still responsible for covering the student learning outcomes for engaged citizenship and cultural diversity in their other social science coursework, although they are given credit for having completed a core history sequence.
Can students who began college before Fall 2011 substitute a Fine Arts or Philosophy core course for one core course in the literature sequence?

Only students who have opted to follow the new Core Curriculum may do so and only if their major curriculum does not require a two-course sequence in literature.