Core Curriculum

Auburn University is committed to providing every student with a unique academic experience that prepares them for success.  In doing so, we have created a Core Curriculum that promotes the development of essential skills including effective communication, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, aesthetic appreciation, information literacy, scientific theory, informed citizenship, and global awareness.  The Core Curriculum also provides students with opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and experiences that foster intellectual curiosity and provides the basis for advanced study in the variety of fields offered by today’s colleges and universities.

At the base of every student’s academic experience is the Core Curriculum.  Comprising the first 41 hours of coursework, the Core Curriculum sets a foundation for learning by offering courses that connect fundamental disciplines to Auburn University’s Student Learning Outcomes. The review of the Core Curriculum requirements reaffirms our institution’s commitment to providing our students with an innovative and challenging academic experience.

Student Learning Outcomes

Submitting Reports

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Core Curriculum Assessment


Oral Communication Assessment


CCGE Assessment Reports

Academic Year: 2010 – 11

Academic Year: 2011 – 12

Academic Year: 2012 – 13

Academic Year: 2013 – 14


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