Area V – General Social Studies Education



The following guidelines and restrictions apply to the degree in General Social Science Education.
Common AGSC Requirements
Studentss who plan to transfer into General Social Science Education should take into consideration the following requirements as they plan their course selections. It is required that students select:

Area II – Choose another course from this area except Religion or Foreign Language Courses

Area III – Sciences must be taken as a sequence (e.g., BIO 101 & BIO 102)

Area IV- SOC 100 and ECO 232

AU Specific Requirements for Area V

No more than 19 hours may transfer in Area V for this 128 degree hour program. A total of 12 hours were specified in Area V by the AGSC as required for this major. The remaining 7 hours should include additional Auburn requirements in the major,as noted below.

  • AREA IV- Additional options should include GEO 100 or 201 and POL 200 or 211
  • ECO 231 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 SH)
  • PSY 200 Introduction to Psychology (3 SH)
  • Elective (1 SH)

Restrictions on Elective Transfer Hours

  • Electives, if any, should be selected from the disciplines covered in Areas I – IV, being cognizant of restrictions specified in this document.
  • Developmental, remedial, or technical courses will not transfer.
  • A maximum of four semester hours in physical education may transfer.
  • No transfer credit will be awarded for math courses below the state-approved core level of MATH 110 or MATH 112.
  • Only courses taught at the freshman and sophomore level at Auburn University may be elected. Courses approved in Area V in other majors may be consulted. Students may petition Auburn University to pre-approve courses selected under Area V that are not mentioned for this major under Area V (contact

Additional Requirements for Teacher Education Programs

Transfer students are admitted into a pre-teacher education program. Criteria for admission to teacher education are available on the College of Education website (

Students are required to complete the following requirements for admission to Teacher education prior to transferring to Auburn University:

  • Five Day Pre-teaching Experience
  • Basic Skills Assessments
  • ABI/FBI Background Clearance Check

Please print and sign this document and attach it to the Social Studies Education Articulation Guide. Together, this document and the articulation guide comprise the articulation agreement for a major in General Social Science Education at Auburn. This document must be given to your Auburn University major advisor upon transfer.

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Last modified: July 17, 2017