Engineering – Computer Science


Students interested in transfer to engineering majors at Auburn University are encouraged to contact a Transfer Specialist in Engineering Student Services (, 334-844-4310).

Students who graduate from a programs in the College of Engineering at Auburn University in must complete 36 hours in General Studies.

Students must complete a sequence in either History (Area IV) or Literature (Area II). It is recommended that this sequence be in World History or Western Civilization. While U.S. History will fulfill the sequence requirement, it will not fulfill Auburn SLO requirements potentially resulting in additional core courses being required.

Area II must include at least one Literature course, one Fine Art course, and an additional course. It is recommended that the additional course be an Ethics course (PHL 206 Ethics and Society or IDS 102 Ethics) that is required for the engineering majors.

SPH 107 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3SH) is required by the major.

In addition to the Natural Sciences and Mathematics courses listed for Area III, Computer Science students take the following courses:

  • MTH 126 Calculus II (4SH)
  • MTH 237 Linear Algebra (3SH)
  • MTH 238 Applied Differential Equations (3SH)

Students must complete a science sequence (Area III) in one of the following:

  • PHY 201 General Physics I (4SH) and PHY 202 General Physics II (4SH)
  • PHY 213 General Physics with Calculus I (4SH) and PHY 214 General Physics with Calculus II (4SH)
  • CHM 111 College Chemistry I (4SH) and CHM 112 College Chemistry II (4SH)
  • BIO 103 Principles of Biology I (4SH) and BIO 104 Principles of Biology II (4SH)

Students must take an additional science elective in addition to the science sequence.

MTH 227 Calculus III (4SH), MTH 250 Discrete Math (3SH), and MTH 270 Probability and Statistics (3SH) are not required. It is recommended that the additional math elective required for the major be taken at Auburn.

A programming language course is required, however it is recommended that the course be taken at Auburn. CIS 231 FORTRAN Programming and CIS 251 C++ Programming are not required.

Please print this document and attach it to the Engineering – Computer Science Articulation Guide. Together, this document and the articulation guide comprise the articulation agreement for a major in Engineering – Computer Science at Auburn.
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Last modified: May 24, 2017