Area V – Natural Resources Management



Students transferring to Auburn University seeking a degree in Natural Resources Management are allowed to transfer up to 23 hours from Area V for this 120 hour program. However, it is recommended to transfer to Auburn before the completion of 45 hours in order to graduate on time due to the biological sequence in the major courses.

Students interested in transferring more than 30 hours from all areas (I-V) to Auburn should contact Dr. Jodie Kenney at the Student Services Office in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences ( to verify transfer credit.

Transferring students should take the following:

If transferring after Freshman year:

  • Students should take the Biology sequence (BIOL 1010/1; BIOL 1030/1) (8cr) or the Chemistry sequence (CHEM 1010/1; 1020/1) (8cr)

If transferring after Sophomore year:

  • Students should take the Biology sequence (BIOL 1010/1; BIOL 1030/1) (8 cr)
  • Students should take the Chemistry sequence (CHEM 1010/1; 1020/1) (8 cr)
  • Students should take either a calculus preparation course(s) or calculus (MATH 1150/1153 PRE-CALCULUS ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY or MATH 1120 & MATH 11130; or MATH 1610 CALCULUS) (4 cr)
  • Students should take a Microeconomics course (ECON 2020) (3 cr)
  • Students should take an Ecology course (BIOL 3060) or a Basic Soil Sciences course (CSES 2040)


  • No transfer credit will be awarded for math courses below MATH 1120 Pre-Calculus Algebra 1130 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry. Students not transferring a qualified course are strongly encouraged to have completed all pre-calculus courses prior to transferring.
  • Developmental, remedial, or technical courses will not transfer.
  • Other courses offered at your community college, including courses that are listed in Area V for other majors, may be accepted. However, students must petition Auburn University to pre-approve any additions to Area V by contacting Dr. Jodie Kenney at It must be noted that courses that are equivalent to upper level courses at Auburn University (3000 level and above) are generally not accepted for transfer credit.

Please print this document and attach it to the Natural Resources Management AGSC Transfer Guide. Together, this document and the AGSC transfer guide comprise the articulation agreement for a major in Natural Resources Management at Auburn.

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Last modified: November 10, 2016