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Academic Advising

Academic advising at Auburn University is a student-centered, collaborative process which engages students in the clarification of their life/career goals and in the development of educational plans for the realization of these goals. It is a decision-making process intended to promote academic, personal, and professional development, while considering diverse interests, abilities, and goals. It is ongoing, multifaceted, and the responsibility of both student and advisor. The advisor serves as a facilitator of communication, a coordinator of learning experiences through course and career planning and academic progress review, and an agent of referral to other campus agencies as necessary.

Academic Advising

Auburn DegreeWorks

Auburn University has launched Auburn DegreeWorks, a new degree-auditing and degree-tracking tool. Auburn DegreeWorks is an online program that compares your academic achievement to your major requirements as found in the Auburn Bulletin. You can use it to track your academic progress toward a degree, review the requirements you have satisfied, and plan the courses you can take to complete your remaining requirements.

You can also use Auburn DegreeWorks to do a "what if" analysis, that is to see how the courses you have taken fit into a different major.

Auburn DegreeWorks provides the basic information you need so that you and your advisor can focus on your goals and plan how to achieve them.


Exploratory Advising Center

First-time freshmen may opt to enter Auburn University as Exploratory. As an EXPL student, you will have two semesters to explore different academic and career interests with the support of the staff of the new Exploratory Advising Center.

Exploratory Advising Center also advises students who are transitioning from one major to another or have been referred by their college. It's goal is to provide positive intervention and a supportive network for students experiencing challenges, thereby enabling them to achieve academic success. The center provides Academic Counseling, Academic Coaching, Career Counseling, and Academic Advising.

Exploratory Advising Center 

Last modified: August 3, 2017