Office of Undergraduate Studies Units/Directors

Dr. Constance Relihan

Associate Provost of Undergraduate Studies and Director of University College

The Office of Undergraduate Studies strives to provide a wide range of programs and services to assist Auburn's undergraduates. Below is a listing of the Directors for the OUS units - feel free to contact anyone of them if you need assistance or want to learn more about their unit. Visit the Staff Directory for the Office of Undergraduate staff

Head shot of Melissa Baumann
Dr. Melissa Baumann

Assistant Provost of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Honors College

The Honors College offers high-achieving Auburn students the advantages of a small school or college in the context of a large university.  It is designed for motivated students capable of advanced work and provides a unique opportunity for academic excellence.  These students may be enrolled in any college or school of the University that has undergraduate programs or offerings.

Honors College

Head shot of Mark Armstronga
Mark Armstrong

Director of First Year Experience

The First Year Experience Office is committed to providing academic and retention programs to incoming freshmen and other first-year students that promote intellectual and social development leading to personal and academic success. Coordinated programming is also offered for parents.

First Year Experience

Head shot of Nancy Bernarda
Nancy Bernard

Director of Career Center

The Auburn University Career Center provides services and resources to help students choose an appropriate major that aligns with their academic abilities, interests, and skills; develop a personal career plan; learn job search skills; and find employment. Career counselors and advisors work with students through the career development process by utilizing interest and personality inventories, career resources and job search tools to help students learn how to maximize their academic and career options through the development of a tailored career plan.

Career Center

Head shot of Nancy Chadwicka
Dr. Nanette Chadwick

Director of Academic Sustainability Programs

Academic Sustainability Programs offers an interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability Studies, provides support to faculty to incorporate sustainability into courses across the curriculum and promotes collaborative research projects on all aspects of sustainability by students and faculty. In addition, we coordinate with the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Management to enhance the use of campus operations as examples and projects in courses and research, as well use research and teaching activities to inform and support the development of sustainable operations on campus.

Academic Sustainability

Head shot of Kim Durbina
Dr. Kim Durbin

Director of Cooperative Education Program

The Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program provides students with the opportunity to gain at least one year of practical work experience in industry, business, or government. These professional employment positions are paid, full-time, and are closely aligned with the student's academic program.

Co-op Education Program

Head shot of Paul Esposito
Captain Paul Esposito

Director of Navy ROTC


Dana Jablonski

Director of Academic Support

The Office of Academic Support contributes to retention and degree completion for Auburn University undergraduate students by providing a variety of academic skill development programs that promote self-directed learning strategies and student services. Our services include Academic Coaching, Plainsmen’s Prep: A Bridge to Calculus, Study Partners, Study Smart, and Supplemental Instruction.

Academic Support

Head shot of Bret Smith
Brett Smith

Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Degree Program allows students to create new interdisciplinary programs of study that lead to a Bachelor of Science degree. Students can draw from the many different areas of study available to create a degree not otherwise available.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Headshot of Dr. Ruthanna Spiers
Dr. Ruthanna Spiers

Director of University Advising

The Exploratory Advising Center assists new freshmen in the Exploratory Major and upperclassman navigating a major change with finding the right major for them. Cross-trained advisors and our own career counselor in the center work collaboratively with students to assist them in finding their academic path that most closely meets their academic aptitudes and interests as well as their long-term goals.

Exploratory Advising Center

Army ROTC Major Steele
Major Roshun A. Steele

Director of Army ROTC

Major Steele is the Professor of Military Science for Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) at Auburn University. She serves as head of the university’s Military Science department; instructs seniors on leadership, team building, management, and Army history; supervises twelve faculty and staff members; and has overall responsibility for training and mentoring more than 140 students preparing to become Army officers.


Head shot of Jeff Welborn
Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Welborn

Director of Air Force ROTC

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey H. Welborn is the Professor of Aerospace Studies and Commander of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachment 005 at Auburn University.  He serves as head of the university’s Aerospace Studies department, instructs senior and s
ophomore courses on national security affairs and airpower history, supervises five faculty and staff members, and has overall responsibility for training and mentoring more than 120 students preparing to become Air Force officers.

Air Force ROTC

Head shot of Lorraine Wolfa
Dr. Lorraine Wolf

Director of Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research office promotes active learning, creative thinking and research training for Auburn University undergraduate students through a network of complementary activities that foster inquiry and discovery by both students and faculty across all disciplines. The office oversees the competitive Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, the Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Forum, and the Auburn University Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship (AUJUS).

Office of Undergraduate Research

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